Hi, folks!

My ongoing association with New York Times bestselling author D.J. MacHale continues.   I've recently written several prequels to his wildly successful Pendragon series.  There are three books of prequels to the Pendragon series, and I wrote the second and third.  Book Two of The Travelers just came out. 

For those of you who follow the series, this book tells the story of how Aja Killian, Elli Winter and Alder became Travelers.  Each one is told in a novella.  I like all three of the stories, but I think my favorite was Elli Winter's story.   She was a middle aged woman when the story begins.  It's kind of a trick to make a story about a middle aged woman interesting to kids.  I hope I pulled it off!

For fans of my Hunted series -- which follows the life of on-the-run teenager Chass -- I've completed the third book in the series, Whiteout.  It should be out later this year.

More later!